Daffee is now organic certified by the Skal- Netherlands

Skal number 110136 \\ Certificate number 1532620\\ NL-BIO-01


3 x 125 grams 

Would you like to try organic Daffee, but you're not sure which flavor suits you best?


Then choose our Sample Package of 3 bags - 125 grams each, so that you can discover the different flavors and make a tour around the world. Try the cardamom from Indonesia to the Mediterranean orange peels. 

This package consists of:

Organic Daffee with natural cardamom - 125 gram
Organic Daffee with natural orange peels - 125 gram
Organic Daffee pure - 125 gram

Organic Daffee - Samples Package

€ 19,99Prijs
  • How to prepare Daffee?

    Filter Machines

    Add 1 tablespoon/15g of the Daffee ground date seeds for every 240 ml of water you plan to brew in the filter basket. After a while, you will taste a beverage you have never tasted before.

    French Press

    Add 1 tablespoon/15g of Daffee ground date seeds with 240 ml hot water and press. Just in 4 minutes make a premium cup of Daffee.

    Easy to prepare, delightful to taste. The French press is a method of choice for many people all over the world, creating an earthy, rich taste in every cup.


    Fill the reusable capsule with Daffee ground date seeds, close the capsule with love, press start on your machine.

    Not only will you experience a new taste but you will help save the planet by doing so.