FAQ (Veelgestelde Vragen)

What is Daffee made of?

Date seeds are normally a residual product from date fruits. At Daffee, we collect the date seeds from organic date farms in North Africa and upcycle them to create a beautiful end. This also makes Daffee a sustainable, circular product.

Is Daffee caffeine-free?

Daffee is 100% organic and naturally caffeine-free, but that is not all, date seeds are a natural energy booster, full of ions, antioxidants, and protein.

What are the health benefits of drinking Daffee?

Date seeds are full of fiber and are ideal for colon patients. They relieve heartburn, stomach acidity, and reduce cholesterol. Additionally, date seeds are free from caffeine, lead, flavorings, dyes, gluten, and preservatives. As a natural energy booster, they are full of ions, antioxidants and boast more than 15 types of protein.

Is Daffee a sustainable product?

Yes, Daffee is made from upcycled organic date seeds which are discarded from date fruits and are contained in environmentally friendly 100% bio-degradable packaging.

What does Daffee taste like?

Daffee is a unique drink that tastes somewhere in between coffee and tea with a little hint of chocolate.

What are the available flavors?

Daffee is offered in three delicious flavors, Pure, Cardamom, and Orange Peel, as well as seasonal flavors which give you a nice variety of options for this natural energy drink.

What is the story of Daffee?

The founders of Daffee are Tamim and Rahaf. Daffee is their “baby”, a product that they have been working on since 2019. Due to health issues, Rahaf’s specialists advised her to eat dates for their tremendous nutritional value. Rahaf started to save the seeds instead of throwing them away and soon realized that date seeds held a lot of health benefits and decided to produce a drink from them.

How can I prepare and drink Daffee?

You can try numerous Daffee brewing methods with this grounded date seed product, the same as you would for roasted coffee grounds: using a drip maker (Chemex), filter machine, coffee machine, french press, and espresso maker. To prepare Daffee directly on the stove you can use a Moka Pot or Turkish Pot. Daffee can be enjoyed as a hot drink - black or with your preferred sweetener, milk, or dairy-free milk substitute. You can also create your new cappuccino or iced drink during the summer months. You can drink Daffee in the morning as well as moments during the day or evening.

What are the available quantity sizes?

Daffee is available in 3 sizes: 125 grams 250 grams 1 kilogram

What payment methods can I use?

Daffee accepts MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, and in The Netherlands- iDeal.

How can I become a reseller?

If you’re interested in becoming a reseller, then please fill out the form on the Become a Reseller page and we’ll get back to you. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

Where can I buy Daffee?

You can purchase Daffee online as well in the following locations: Damascino Liefood Cafe Camino Koffijhalle Clevers concept stores Dr.Smooji De Winkel op wielen Ekodis Natuurvoeding